Backpacking to Batad Rice Terraces

I love outdoor adventures! In August 2009, I first experienced hiking, trekking and spelunking during a five-day backpacking trip to Mountain Province of Philippines. The plan was to go to Batad and Sagada! But this post is about Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao, Philippines

My friends and I left Manila 10 in the evening and arrived in Banaue around 7 in the morning just in time for breakfast. Then we headed to the view deck to see the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. It was a surreal experience to see the rice terraces because I remember seeing them only on the books during grade school. The nine hours bus ride from Manila was worth it just to see one of the 8th Wonders of the World! We only spent a few hours in Banaue and then left for Batad.

Batad, Ifugao, Philippines

Batad is a small village in Ifugao. From Banaue, we rented a jeepney to Batad saddle. Since there were no roads and vehicles going to Batad, we hiked for about 1.5hrs to the area where the few guest houses were located. Despite the challenge trekking in the small, stiff and muddy road to Batad, upon reaching the viewpoint, the spectacular view of the rice terraces was so breathtaking!

Exploring Batad, I was surprised to find out that these terraces are about 10 feet tall! We were so careful and brought long stick for support and balance during our trekking on the narrow terraces.

The weather in Batad was unpredictable and can change drastically. We were on our way to Tappiya Falls when rain started to pour. We found a small shelter and waited for the rain to stop. However, we decided not to push through anymore coz there was still lightning and thunderstorm even after the rain. We went to the small village in Batad but wasn’t able to meet the locals because of the bad weather. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to be near these 2,000 year old terraces.

We stayed at Rita’s Inn for the night. It was a small house with decent rooms and shared bathroom. I remember waking up with the window open seeing the dawn by the mountains. We were also surprised to be served with pizza during breakfast! We had a nice breakfast with a view of rice terraces in front of us like it’s a staircase to heaven! Staying overnight at a lodging house with no internet and phone signal, it was really the best way to disconnect from modern world and appreciate nature at its best!

Seeing Banaue rice terraces alone was amazing! But the journey to the rice terraces of Batad will make your experience more memorable. Batad amphitheater like rice terraces was one of the best sights I ever seen! Something I am proud of that this is in the Philippines!



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