Just Do It – An introductory to my photographic journey


Just Do It! My favorite motto of the famous brand, Nike.

I’ve been wanting to put up my own photography blog but had trouble because of the things I consider (questions like what is the purpose? and for whom?).   I am into photography.  I started this hobby back in 2008 during a surfing trip in San Juan, La Union. Back then, I have no idea about photography. All I knew was that I wanted to capture beautiful sceneries, the surfing locals, and the amazing sunset in Urbiztondo beach. That time I was using a Sony digital camera yet already amazed with the pictures I took.

Surf’s Up La Union

The hobby continue when me my friends went for a road trip to Bicol. We first went to Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. We left the car in Vinzons and rented a boat to Mahabang buhangin(Long Sand) beach. I remember how excited I was seeing the beach from afar. You can see the entire stretch of the beach with white sand just like Boracay. At that time, Calaguas beach was not yet known. We were lucky to have the beach  by ourselves when we went there for an overnight stay. It was amazing experienced to camp by the shore and just have a great time with what the beach/nature had to offer.

Smooth white sand of Calaguas

Looking back, aside from my love for nature and water sports, I believe that’s where my passion for photography started. I want to be able to capture memories and share them with friends and family. I know I have just been shooting for  only 8yrs, but this blog is about my journey of my passion for photography through travels and daily life.

Sunset in Calaguas

This is my first blog post and I realized that the idea of putting up a photography blog will not happen unless I will really do it.  So here it is!  The website is work in progress so bear with me.. Thanks for reading!


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